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DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Decentralized finance is an open source technology that reaches disintermediation through decentralized layers and the elimination of centralized intermediaries in order to improve the current financial system in all aspects, emphasizing the core tenets of openness, fairness and connectivity. Take cross-border payment as an example, when a person remit money to a person in another country, they usually need to find a financial institution to complete the payment task, but it will charge a certain fee in return. However, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) app disintermediates the entire remittance process by sending digital money directly from his/ her wallet to the payee without the need for a financial institution intermediary service. DeFi has many different financial applications, including payments, debit and credit, stable coin, tokenisation and decentralized exchanges, and can create a new generation of financial system.
What is HyperFund

HyperFund has constructed a DeFi ecosystem that will provide a completely decentralized financial infrastructure for all digital currency users. HyperFund will devote itself to developing quality blockchain projects, lead the strategic direction of Fintech, and aims to make more contributions to the blockchain industry.

HyperTech Group has launched the HyperFund – Ogilvy Plan to build a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. The aim is to provide a holistic decentralized financial infrastructure. Ryan Xu, also known as the Martian, is the Chief Consultant of HyperTech Group, and will be heavily involved in the project.
Platform Token - HDAO

HDAO is the platform token of decentralized autonomous organization HyperDAO, and is currently listed on OKEx and Hoo. It was lauded as one of the top projects of 2020, which was why it was selected as the official token of the HyperFund platform. Based on distributed bookkeeping and blockchain technology, HyperDAO will build a financial service ecological platform integrating DeFi applications such as decentralized stablecoin, community crowdfunding, wallet, cloud exchange, market prediction and asset management.
  • Based on distributed bookkeeping and blockchain
  • A decentralized stablecoin
  • An ecological financial service platform integrated with DeFi applications
  • HDAO will be the token powering the HyperDAO ecosystem.
  • Application scenarios will gradually increase and there will be not only a multiplication of wealth, but also a symbol of success in the future.

HyperFund and Hyper Ecosystem

HyperFund DeFi autonomous organization

Multiple decentralized service platforms and blockchain infrastructure

Hyper Pay

Multi-ecology digital wallet, integrating several functions into one platform

Safe, quick and multi-function


Providing comprehensive digital financial services

Merchant payment, mortgage loan, wealth management


Blockchain-encrypted bank for the
future, providing encrypted asset custody services

Collaborative custody, full custody, professional custody


Provide safe and fast currency/legal tender transactions

Safe, comprehensive, diversified, convenient, low
fees, high commission, real-time withdrawal


Provide high-speed, low-energy computing chips and mining machines,
so that mining is no longer out of reach.

Efficient digital mining ecosystem for everyone


Blockchain instant messaging software in the crypto world.

Secure P2P network, privacy protection, diversified
messaging, multi-functional ecosystem within HyperTalk


Blockchain instant messaging software in the crypto world

The unique incentive mechanism, Proof of
Evaluation, stores data in blocks and incentivize readers


Smart contract with matchmaking transactions, with
zero need to convert fiat into cryptocurrencies

Traceable goods, diversified goods & services


Higher quality of livestream content, sustainable development for the community

Stronger network, securing user data

HyperTech Group Projects

The Hcash Foundation was incorporated in Australia in July 2012, and was the first Australian organization to launch an ICO. It currently has a market value of approximately US$370 million and is the 20th largest digital currency in the world. The Hcash Foundation provides HyperTech Group with the world's most advanced technical support, creating a unique underlying dual-chain technology. It is compatible with the ECDSA system, breaks existing technical limitations, and has successfully developed quantum-resistant signature schemes.

Molecular Future is a one-stop digital asset investment service platform jointly invested by Molecular Group, Eagle Fund, Hong Kong Capital, XBTING Foundation, Hcash Foundation, and Collinstar Capital. MOF will provide users with blockchain-related investment products, institutional-level market trading software, media information, project archives, communities and other service systems to correctly guide users into blockchain and digital asset investments.

MIC platform is the first worldwide blockchain online education adoption project. It aims to provide convenience and protection for online education content sharing and services, and at the same time realize a common payment platform channel for online education question answering systems. Its core content includes mainstream functions such as online education payment, peer-to-peer transfer, merchant access, online and offline transaction payment, press, blog, live broadcast, and audio and video sharing.
MIC platform has played an important role in the construction of blockchain + education ecology through years of researching on new digital blockchain technology, which helps promote the reform of the education system and accelerate the evolution of the education system.

HDAO is the platform token of decentralized autonomous organization HyperDAO, and is currently listed on OKEx and Hoo. It was lauded as one of the top projects of 2020, which was why it was selected as the official token for the HyperFund platform. Based on distributed bookkeeping and blockchain technology, HyperDAO will build a financial service ecological platform integrating DeFi applications such as decentralized stablecoin, community crowdfunding, wallet, cloud exchange, market prediction and asset management.

Future strategic deployment layout

HyperTech Group gathers the
resources of many listed enterprises

Consolidating the resources of
more than 300 investing institutions

In accordance with the overall development of the "Belt
and Road Initiative" focusing on real estate and tourism development.

HyperTech Group Core Team

Jayden Wei

HyperTech Group CEO

Jayden is an experienced fund manager with extensive experience and strong track record in technological investments from running his own start-up incubator as well as being in charge of Australia’s first blockchain venture capital fund.

His success lies in his deep passion for digital technology; he believes that blockchain technology will revolutionise the digital economy while also making considerable impact on the traditional economy which still faces issues regarding privacy, transparency and efficiency. In recent years, he is primarily involved in promoting wider and better use of technology across the world and has worked extensively with the government of Australia, United Kingdom and the Philippines amongst others.
  • ——   CEO of HyperTech Group
  • ——   Executive Director of CollinStar International
  • ——   Star Crypto Investment Highlights include:
  • ——   QTUM (19037% returns)
  • ——   Aeternity (12400% returns)
  • ——   OmiseGO (8047% returns)
  • ——   Led the investment teams of several renowned blockchain investment companies such as Blockchain Ventures and Finovition Investments
  • ——   Invited by the Australian Trade Council (Austrade) as a member of the Australian delegation to attend the 2017 Consensus Conference in New York (Consensus 2017)

Ryan Xu

HyperTech Group Founder

Ryan Xu is the founder of Collinstar Capital in Australia, and is a famous investor and entrepreneur in the Blockchain space. He is also the founder of Bitcoin Development Foundation, and a member of Asia’s DACA Blockchain Association, and a member of the China Bitcoin Roundtable Forum. Together with Xiaolai Li, Hongcai Guo, Jihan Wu, Ryan enjoys the symbolic title as one of “China’s four Bitcoin Kings”.
  • ——   Founder of Hcash
  • ——   Founder of Collinstar Capital
  • ——   Angel investor of 12 of the top 20 cryptocurrencies
  • ——   Angel investor of Binance, ZB.com
  • ——   Author of CCTV recommended blockchain bestseller: "Link to the Future"
  • ——   Major shareholders of five listed companies

Sam Lee

HyperTech Group Chairman

Sam Lee was once crowned the “Crown Prince of Bitcoin” in Australia. He has successfully led the company to complete the incubation and investment of 80 blockchain-related start-ups, with a total investment value of more than 300 million US dollars.

In 2014, Sam Lee founded the Blockchain Centre, the world’s first nonprofit blockchain center, dedicated to promote education and publicity of blockchain knowledge on a global scale. With the government cooperation of Australia, China, Russia, Lithuania, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and other countries, branch center is set up now in 13 countries and 16 cities around the world.

A MOU is signed between Blockchain Centre and Austrade, which is committed to global cooperation to develop blockchains and digital-economy related activities. It cooperates with product and industry level, and establishes a strategic cooperative partnership with technology giants such as AWS, Microsoft and IBM.

He was invited to participate in Davos World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, the Future Investment Initiative, APAC Blockchain, Consensus and other international meetings, to deliver keynote speeches on blockchain. He has done multiple domestic and foreign media interviews for Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC, CCTV, One TV, The Australian, China Daily and CBN, etc.

Major Core Team


Group Consultant

As an early blockchain proponent and investor, Andrew has a deep understanding of the development and application of blockchain technology. He has invested heavily in different blockchain start-up projects to promote the development of the entire industry ecosystem. Andrew has experience in the financial industry in managing customer relationships and business processes, and holds a degree in Applied Science.


Group Consultant

Adam has over 25 years of experience in strategic investment and operations management and a meaningful understanding of good business practices. He has successfully helped build companies worth millions of dollars. After he was introduced to the technological innovations behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Adam was inspired and decided to sell his company to devote himself to the cryptocurrency industry.


Group Consultant

Professor Dr Joseph is an expert in the field of network security and encryption application technology. As the father of Monero token, he innovatively proposed the ring-signature technology that became the underlying theoretical foundation of Monero in his early years.

Allen Au

Group Consultant

Allen Au gained the doctor degree in 2009 in University of Wollongong. Now, he is also an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a director of Hong Kong Polytechnic University side in Monash-PolyU-Collinstar Capital blockchain and cryptocurrency joint lab. Dr Allen Au’s research fields include information security, traceable anonymous and applied cryptography, whose research results made an important contribution for privacy enhancement technique field.